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We are an Inverness-shire based Automatic Gate Installation business with over 25 years experience and many happy customers. We cover a broad area of the Highlands (see coverage map) and have a large portfolio of work to match.


What we do

We offer installation and maintenance of automatic gates in the Scottish Highlands, including automation of existing gates, complete new installations, and full servicing and repair service for existing gates.

Bespoke Design

All our bespoke gates are individually designed and made with the highest quality materials. Our custom made gates are fully 3D modelled using the latest software to ensure every detail is manufactured to perfection.


Access Control

Sometimes securing your home and property is vital. We can provide many different methods of secure and easy to use systems to protect your premises.

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Areas we cover.

Inverness, Aviemore, Fort Augustus, Forres, Invergordon, Kyle of Lochalsh

Gates Types

Types of Automation

There are many types of automation actuators, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the correct type usually comes down to the specific type of gates being used.


Worm Drive Ram

The best all rounder. Strong and simple and can fit most swing gates up to 4m per leaf. Wormdrives are good in that they cannot be wound backwards, thus making it very difficult to force entry by hand (though this should not be encouraged).

Hydraulic Ram

Extremely powerful and usually used for larger gates. They require more maintenence than its mechanical brother. Additional electric locks are advised for extra security.



Underground is the best option for those that want a tidy and visually minimal installation, as the motors are hidden below ground. They come in both mechanical and hydraulic versions (like the rams) and can suit almost any gate.

Articulated Arm

These type motors are best suited for entrances with large piers, which makes fitting ram type operators impossible.


Access Control

Controlling how people enter your property can be made simple using the latest in access control technology. We offer a range of solutions to suit your needs.


GSM Intercom

Possibly the best option for most customers, and available with or without keypad. Once pressed, the unit can make calls to your landline and/or mobiles from which you can then open your gates, or deny entry.

They also include features such as "Call to Open" and "Text to Hold Open", while also maintaining a high level of security by allowing only authorised numbers access.


When receiving calls from the unit simply answer the phone, speak to the visitor/delivery driver and open the gates by pressing "3" on the keypad. All this can be done from wherever you are in the world, as long as you have mobile signal.

Digital Keypad

Simple but effective access control with the ability to easily change PIN numbers. Also has the ability for certain PINs to hold gates open.


Keyfob Remote

The most common way to control your gates. Usually come as 2 or 4 Button, with the option of having different commands per button, eg. Open, Close, Hold Open, Holiday Mode, Partially Open (for pedestrian acces only) etc.

Magnetic Field Vehicle Detector

These tiny probes are simply buried alongside the driveway and can be used for automatically opening the gates whenever an entering or exiting vehicle approaches them.



Our timers give you the option to automatically open and hold open the gates at certain times of specific days of the week. Useful for postmen and refuse collectors.

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